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From Here to Eternity 1953
7.6 of 35

From Here to Eternity

HD 7.60 118 min
US Army Schofield Barracks, Oahu, 1941. Capt. Dana Holmes is an ambitious officer who will do anything to get promoted to major. Sgt. Milton Warden, Holmes' assistant, wants to make his own army life as easy as possible by making the Captain's life as easy as possible, despite Warden having no fondness for Holmes or officers in general. Pvt. Robert E. Lee Prewitt has just transferred, on his own request, from the bugle corps at Fort Shafter to this infantry unit. The transfer also included a demotion from rank of corporal. Prew made the request on principle, as he was lead bugler in the corps, he known as the best, but it a position which was reassigned to another enlisted man based on nepotism. It is also on principle that Prew refuses to be part of Schofield's inter-regimental boxing team, it a sport he loved and was good at until an in-ring incident led to his friend being permanently injured, despite the incident not being Prew's fault. Regardless, Holmes and the boxing team members place pressure on Prew, including intimidation, to buckle under to the request. Warden begins an affair with the seductive Karen Holmes, Capt. Holmes' unhappy wife, the affair despite Karen having a reputation among the enlisted men, some who can attest to that reputation first hand. In reality, Karen is running away from her unhappy life as much as she is looking for something meaningful emotionally to replace it. In Karen's eyes, for them to have any future, Milt has to become an officer, something he may not be willing to do despite the two of them loving each other. And Prew falls for Lorene, a working girl at the New Congress Club, a private men's club off base. Lorene truly does dislike her life as a working girl, she aiming for respectability which means a life with someone who does not know her as Lorene, but rather only as plain old Alma Burke from small town Oregon. What happens between all these players is not only affected by their interrelationships, but also the private battle between Prew's friend, Pvt. Angelo Maggio, and the brutish Sgt. James 'Fatso' Judson, the Sergeant of the Guards at the local military prison, and by the events of December 7th at Pearl Harbor.


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